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On our second day at sea, we began with brunch at Palo.  Again, there is a $10 additional fee for this meal, and you'll see what a spread we got

First, we toured the buffet...

and then we each chose an entree..

Chicken Cacciatore

Tiliapia and risotto

Roast Beef



Eggs Benedict

or Western Omelet

We also were given a glass of champagne (or sparkling apple cider), juice, and coffee or tea.  I telly you what..  This was a FEAST!

Tonight is dinner in Palo.

Palo is the "adults only" restaurant on the ship and requires special reservations.  As well, Palo charges a $5 per person fee and waiters are tipped.  This is Alan dressing to look like an adult

You are greeted here at the entrance to check for your reservation.

If you need to wait for your table, there is a delightful waiting area.

This is the Captain's table...  no captain tonight.

Our table was placed by the window and we had a beautiful view of Cozumel lit up.

First, we were brought bread with a delicious assortment of dips.

Then, an antipasto plate

Like all of the ship's restaurants, you can order as much as you want.  We decided to add a pizza to our courses

Alan chose the day's special salad with bits of toasted prosciutto in it.

I opted for the fresh mozzeralla and tomato salad.

For our entrees we chose Lasagna (which may be the best I've ever had!)

and salmon over risotto.

Could we eat any more?  That was the question we were asking ourselves as they brought us our sugarfree rice pudding...  Fortunately, it was a modest serving

And this picture goes to show you can only dress him up to "look" like an adult
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3/22/2014 by Ahnalira

We just don't ever get tired of the Palo takes cruise dining up several notches and then some!  Cruise dining is already good, right?  I mean... five course meals--as many items from each each course as you want--and no bill at the end of the meal.  Palo does have a small no bill at the end doesn't apply... but the quality of the meal, in my humble opinion, is SO worth it!!!!  We like to go to Palo on the Animator's Palette night--just our personal preference in which menu we prefer to change out of on the cruise dining experience.  And we always leave saying, "BEST meal EVAH!"

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