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Adventures by Disney

Why Disney? Why Now?

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Do you remember being too young to understand logic and filled with wonder at the most common events? I believed that money appeared in my mom's bank account when ever she wrote a check, and the telephone was a magical apparatus that just "knew" where the other person you wanted to talk with was and rang them there. Can you remember those hours upon hours of playing a make believe that was SO real it took a few minutes to reorient when the supper call came? Ahhh, we say, "Those were the days of innocence and wonder."

At some point, it seems, we traded in magic and make believe for carkeys, credit cards, and facts. Instead of magical solutions that evoked wonder and awe, we balanced the positive and negative facts, in hopes of finding "good sense". And many would be quick to add, "Good sense is a good thing. Someone has to make sure those kids get fed while they play make believe." That's the truth.

Still, I claim my right to a sense of "wonder and innocence" even while I am being a responsible adult. The first few times I stood in Tinkerbell's Shoppe (in the Magic Kingdom's FantasyLand), I had to pretend I was a small child again in order to believe the tinkling sparkles twinkling across the wall was, indeed, Tinkerbell making her way from magic box to magic box. The first few times I hugged Minnie Mouse at a character meal, I had to pretend I was a small child again in order to feel the wonder and love overflowing in my heart. The first few times I walked into the Temple of Heaven in China Pavilion of the World Showcase, I had to pretend I was a small child again in order to believe I was standing in a prayer with a direct line to heaven.... After the first times, though, it got easier and easier to remember and be "Innocent Faith" and feel "Wonder and Awe" in the beauty and inherent Grace in Life. Now, I carry magic coins with me everywhere in the World, because all of the fountains are for making wishes come true. See how that is?

In these times of uncertaintly, when our adult selves seem powerless in the enormonity of hard and sad facts, perhaps it is a wise and good thing to reclaim our ability to make wishes for happy endings and believe in the power of good; the ability fight and make up, make a mistake and turn it into a learning of great character, stand for what we value in the face of all odds and claim victory because we "believe". Perhaps, it is time to let our children take us by the hands and show us again the power of innocence and the magic of wonder. If you can do it anywhere, you can do it at Disney World. Whether we are making wishes for world peace in magic fountains, laughing in joy with our families, or letting the magic of dreams coming true wrap us in hope and faith for a new day, we are reclaiming the good feelings and happy thoughts that make anything possible. That's why I say NOW is a very good time to visit Disney World.
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