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Vista Spa Menu

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Seaweed Massage

Combining the power of seaweed, sage and aromatherapy this treatment re-mineralizes the body, boosts a sluggish system and detoxifies the body. Following the seaweed therapy you will receive a 25-minute aromatic massage, which includes scalp, feet, back, neck and shoulders.
80 minutes - $120

Ionithermie Detox

An exclusive European treatment which is replacing liposuction as a way of removing cellulite. The treatment firms and tones, correcting cellulite, whilst giving the added benefit of inch loss. The treatment also raises metabolism and boosts energy levels.
55 minutes - $100

Full Body Massage

50 minutes - $90


Reflexology is a holistic art based on the theory that the feet contain specific points that correspond to different parts and organs of the body, by working these pressure points, we help to rebalance the body, and help the body heal itself of common ailments.
50 minutes - $80

Combination Therapy

A fantastic 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage including the back of the legs combined with a 25 minute facial boosting treatment.
50 minute - $79

La Therapie Facial

This fantastic Parisian facial is now available outside France. Using gels and creams rich in amino acids and nourishing plant extracts, this facial cleanses the lower layers of the skin whilst transporting active ingredients into the skin. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage is included. The treatment is completed with a purifying facemask.
55-minute Facial - $69

Surial Bath

A fun, exfoliating, re-mineralizing treatment that you can try by yourself, with a partner or in a group of three. Enter the Surial Bath chambers where you will be provided with three different colored medicinal muds. Apply these all over the body, including the face, then relax in the gentle steam room as your body absorbs the minerals and trace elements from the mud. w ash away the mud with individual showers and take your time to enjoy an aromatherapy experience of your very own.
60 minutes - $60 per couple

Relaxation Therapy

This consists of an alpha capsule session, the ultimate in relaxation, followed by a foot and ankle massage.
60 minutes- $60

Tropical Rain Forest

Experience the benefits of steam, heat and water therapy combined with the power of aromatherapy to relax and detoxify the mind and spirit. Excellent before or after a body massage or water therapy.
$8 with a massage treatment, $15 per day

Personal Training

Bored with your workout? Not getting the results you want to achieve or not sure how to go about exercising? A one to one session will show you how to get the results.
60 minutes - $55


45 minutes - $35


60 minutes - $50

Body Composition

Find out your body fat percentage, water, toxin level and lean body percentage. Learn how to burn those excess calories now!
20 minutes - $25

Hydrotherapy Spa Bath

Allow warm water and aromatherapy oils caress the body and take the mind to far off places. Over a hundred different jets will massage the body from the soles of the feet all the way to the back of the neck. After a consultation with our Spa Nurse the jets will be programmed to meet your individual needs. Results can be achieved to breakdown muscle tension, aid arthritis and revitalize you. A soothing milk whey skin treatment is also available for dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
20 minutes - $25

Alpha Capsule

The ultimate relaxation experience! Let soothing sounds, gentle warmth and calming aromatherapy take your mind to the deep relaxation state of alpha. The equivalent of 3 hours of natural deep sleeps.
25 minutes - $25

Foot and Ankle Massage

Alleviates aching swollen feet.
20 minutes - $35

Hair Salon

We have talented international hair stylists who specialize in the latest European styles and all technical work.

  • Lady's Shampoo Cut & Style $55
  • Men's Cut $18
  • Roots from $35
  • Full Head from $45
  • Cap highlights from $60 -90
  • Fail Highlights from $70- 130
  • Semi Permanent Color from $15
  • Perms from $70-130


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