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Adventures by Disney

Room Service Special Requests, by KarenH

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So you’ve got a special Disney vacation planned - special just because you are going to Disney World period (woo-hoo!) - or special because you’ll be celebrating a birthday, unbirthday, anniversary, honeymoon, graduation, job promotion, retirement, pregnancy, new hair style or any one of a number of special moments in your life.

All your planning is done - except maybe some sort of surprise room service meal! Will room service be able to accommodate your special request? If so, how and when will you communicate your desires without the special person in your life becoming wise to your plans? Follow me; >)… I know the way!

The first step in this adventure is brainstorming. Set aside some time to plan out what you want… breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dinner? Cake, champagne, non alcoholic wine, juice, shrimp cocktail, bacon and eggs, all of the above, or something EXTRA special (like Mickey shaped chocolate covered rice krispy treats)? Make a list to help you narrow things down. The more of what you know you want, even if you only come up with a general idea (anniversary breakfast in bed), the easier it will be for Disney to help you create the perfect event.

Call the resort and ask to speak to room service. The cast members in room service are eager to coordinate the perfect surprise with you. To insure that you speak with someone from room service, it’s a good idea to call after 3 or 4 pm. Most resorts offer room service for breakfast and then have a small break in the day until the late afternoon when they offer snacks and then dinner. You’ll have a better chance of speaking to someone in room service if you call during his or her operation hours.

Explain that you’ll be staying at the resort and that you’d like to make arrangements for a special room service request. The cast member you speak to will probably want to know the dates you are checking in, the name the reservation is in, the specific meal and date you would like this room service request to be filled and any of the details you have on your list (anniversary, birthday cake, allergic to nuts, etc.)

If you are planning well in advance (several weeks minimum) of your trip, you may also call the resort to request that they mail you a copy of their room service menu. Simply ask to speak to someone in guest services and request a menu for breakfast or dinner. This will help you to narrow down your choice of food and may give you some new ideas. Don’t feel obligated to stick to the offerings on the menu you receive, however, do keep in mind that any changes you make may increase your bill significantly. Ask for prices if budget is a consideration.

If the room service menu appeals to you and you have no desire for something that isn’t listed, go ahead and check off the items you want, indicating the quantity of each item you’d like. Space is provided at the top of the menu for you to write in your name, the date you’d like the service, and your room number (leave blank until you check-in). To keep the ‘surprise’ a surprise, volunteer to check your party in at the resort and insist that everyone else relax on a sofa or comfy chair while you wait in line. As you are checking in, mention to the front desk cast member that you have a pre-filled room service request and ask if he or she would please deliver it to room service for you so that you can surprise your party. The front desk cast member can fill in your room number for you.

Perhaps this is a last-minute idea, and you don’t have enough time to get a copy of the menu in the mail or you can’t call room service ahead of time. No worries - just stop by guest services at any time during your trip and ask for a room service menu. Guest services can even connect you to room service if you want to speak with a cast member personally to make specific arrangements.

Maybe the person you’re trying to surprise won’t leave your side. What to do? Send him or her off with your refillable mug and a request for something odd from the gift shop, THEN call room service from your room! Once again, make sure you know what you want or have an idea of what you want so you can get off the phone before your party returns to the room.

Disney wants to help you celebrate, and they will do whatever they can to coordinate special events with you. Advanced preparations are recommended for very detailed requests, especially if you would like to send flowers or balloons. We recommend you call the Disney florist at least 48 hours in advance to order flower arrangements, gift baskets, or balloons.

You’d be amazed at how much your loved one will appreciate hearing a knock on the door followed by, “room service,” and watching as his or her favorite meal is revealed on a white table cloth. Relax into dining pleasures without having to make priority seating and dine on your favorites right in the comfort of your room. Someone in your life deserves to be pampered - it could be you!

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