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Adventures by Disney

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You can see Downtown Disney's newest eatery from the parking lot.

Then, coming around the corner, the entrance is MAJESTIC!

The theming includes an Adventure Mobile, because eating here is a 'prehistoric adventure'; >)

As you enter, on the left is Coral Room..  an 'underwater' bar and eatery experience.

Specialty drinks in here include:

Directly inside the entrance is - of course - an animated T-Rex

Here's a short clip of the animation:

To the left of the entrance is shopping... which in and of itself is no surprise.  What is a treat is interactive set up:  A Boneyard for digging

and a Build a Dino section

Everywhere, you'll find crystal geodes built into the wall.  VERY cool!

There are four themed room for dining.  We ate in the Desert, right next to the Fire Kitchen

and Teradactyl

Tables are themed to the room as well.  Ours were molten lava, I think :P

The Ice Age Room has a Wooly Mammoth at one of its entrances.

Keep in mind, all of these Beasts are animatronic, and every half hour or so, they all react to a meteor shower in the ceiling.  Again, VERY cool!  As well the ice in the Ice Age room changes color.

The final theme is a forest.

You'll find this really fun booth/cave there.

Exploring the rooms is definitely part of the fun, but eating is the main event; >)  Here are a few of the items you can find on the menu:

Tribal Fish Tacos

Jurassic Salad

T-Rex Chicken Salad Sandwich

Woolley Mammoth Chicken

You can expect to spend about $25 per person.  We thought all of the special effects were worth the price.  We found the design to be updated and improved from the Rainforest Cafe (which was their original feat in animatronic dining).  The chairs are more comfortable, the tables spaced more widely, booths were added, and the Meteor Light Show is very well done.  OLP gives T-Rex a big four thumbs up Dinosaur RAWWWRRR!


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Member Reviews of "T-Rex":
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Great effects!
10/25/2013 by Ahnalira

Hands down, the best part of this restaurant is the special effects...worth a visit just for that!  That said, not a great restaurant to choose if you want to have a lively conversation--because of all the special effects :P  Food is ok. On par with Rainforest Cafe.  But, like I said, the special effects are AMAZING!

Lots of fun!
8/1/2013 by KS112203
This is a great place to go right when it opens for lunch. There was little to no wait for our reservation. The food was great and the atmosphere was fun. We have 4 little boys so this was the perfect place for a break from shopping!
4/10/2012 by Sielaff's

Service was fantastic, food was very good and of course the atmosphere was well worth the visit. Would definitely go there again and again.smiley

T-Rex on the Disney Dining Plan
12/28/2011 by Franniepoppins

I think this is probably the best part of the news about new restaurants on the Disney Dining Plan at Walt Disney World!  T-Rex is so popular, and is a fun and delicious dining experience.  Add the fact that you can now use your Disney Dining credits, one credit per meal, to eat there, and you have a big hit!

The Best
1/5/2010 by Nick
Really good food! They have tons of stuff that will keep your kids entertained while they are waiting, Build-a-Dino , and the sand dig, and the jewl finder, not to mention just looking around. The atmostphere is amazing and the dinos are life-like. All around cool place! :)
Wild and crazy place!
11/1/2008 by Ser Alan
We visited T-Rex for the first time today, caught a nice lunch amidst the dinosaurs, next to the "Fire Kitchen".  T-Rex is a lot like the Rainforest Cafe with dinosaurs and Woolly Mammoths.  Instead of thunderstorms you get meteor showers.  However, I found that there is a lot more variation here than the rainforest.  The chairs are very nice solid wood, there is more space between the tables and the menu is more varied.   They have a coral reef room, a fire/desert room, an Ice Cave which is pretty cool!  I really enjoyed the ambience... but it is VERY noisy, just like RFC in that regard.

Wait time was moderate, we waited 25 minutes in a fast moving line to be seated.  I got the "Tribal Tacos" which was a creditable fish taco on corn tortillas.  Ahnalira got a really delicious chicken dish with roasted red pepper sauce which I thought was quite a bit better than my ho-hum tacos.  What we did wait a long ti

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