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Adventures by Disney

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Located in the heart of Pleasure Island (waterfront side), Paradiso 37 is a delightful culinary adventure.  The menu is an ecclectic array of international selections

The seating options are varied as well:

The theming of restaurant is beautiful!  This is some of the tile work..

And check out this light!

...and one final piece of very cool technology before we get to the real point of the restaurant (food; >):  These panels in the ceiling change color based on the amount of sunlight that hits them through the skylights.  The waiter says, "Come at sunset for a spectacular show!"



OK, let's get to the food!  Everything was tasty, but the hands down winner for us was the "Crazy Corn"; essentially a roasted corn with lime juice and melted cheese on it.

 You can get chips with a variety of sides.  We got guacomole, and it was good, too.

Alan got the Tacos entree. You get your choice of meat fillings.  Alan liked the chicken best... said the beef and pork were a little "too interesting" for him.

I chose salmon.  The cilantro rice was exquisite, and the salmon was tasty, too...  after I sent it back to be cooked more.  TIP:  If you like your fish well done like me, underline and capitalize for the waiter; >)

All in all, we enjoyed our Paradiso 37 experience fully.  Prices are "Disneyfied"; expect to spend $25 to $30 per person without alcohol. Our waiter told us that various discounts (Annual Pass, etc) would be available soon.  We look forward to going back to sample the menu again and again

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Member Reviews of "Paradiso 37":
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crazy corn
1/19/2012 by Christee Thomas

I cannot wait to go back and get some crazy corn, it was great!  The atmosphere here was really cool and the view over the water at Downtown Disney.  Will definitely go back here a few times.

Paradiso 37 on the Disney Dining Plan
12/28/2011 by Franniepoppins

You will find this delightful restaurant on the waterfront in the West Side of Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World.  It is a fine dining experience that you will find tasty and enjoyable.  The service is always top notch here, too!  Disney is now allowing the use of Disney Dining Plan credits to pay for meals here; use one sit down meal from your WDW dining plan to pay for a meal here.

We were the First Table!
6/5/2009 by Ser Alan
Well we stumbled into Paradiso 37 early, wondered why things seemed a bit disorganized and shortly discovered that we were their very first paying customers!  We thought they had been open a couple of weeks but in fact they just opened today.

Paradiso 37 appears to be oriented largely toward a bar-like atmosphere (37 different tequilas in a tower dominate the main room).  As a result, the entree selection is somewhat limited... but quite good as we were soon to find out.  Our waiter, Jesus, was a very friendly fellow from Venezuela who was extremely friendly and attentive.  The food and drink is largely Latin American with a bit of North American mixed in (the burger looked quite tasty although I didn't get one myself)

Having low bloodsugar, we decided to start off with some Central American Crazy Corn which turned out to be the high point of the meal.   A grilled corn on the cob wit

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