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Adventures by Disney

Polynesian Resort Concierge

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From the front driveway by the valet service area and into the resort lobby, a transformation of time and place occurs. Concrete pavement gives way to lush foliage and waterfalls traversed by means of a wooden walkway bridge. Within the lobby, hotel registration desks fade into the background of the large atrium/waterfall that fills much of the interior. Floors are slate. Colors are tiel, rust, and beige. Furniture wicker and cane. The ambiance reflects the relaxed style of the islands.

Unlike the Epcot resorts which are more traditionally hotels, the Polynesian resort has rooms in a series of buildings (called longhouses) connected by walkways maintained in a tropical style. There is more realism here than one might realize. While some have described the Polynesian as drab, it seems to me that the Polynesian resort accurately reflects a focus on nature and a relaxed style that is true to my experiences when I lived in Hawai'i. The theming is subtle. A repetition of stamped patterns on the walls, for example, that are accurate representations of Hawai'ian myth and lore.

Concierge rooms are in the Tonga Building, and concierge suites are in the Bali Hai building. The Bali Hai building has a concierge desk that is staffed from 7:00AM until 3:00PM. The Tonga building provides full concierge service from 7:00AM until 10:00PM. The standard rooms are spacious. Color theming and furniture are carried over from the lobby -- teals, rusts, and beige with primarily cane furnishings. The bathrooms are the nicest design I've seen anywhere on property with green marble tubs and elegant fixtures. The only remaining evidence of the Tonga building's 1970's origins were the low drop ceilings in the hallways. Again, compared to other deluxe resorts these rooms may seem very 'quiet' in theming to some. I personally was truly taken with the subtle and accurate nuances of island life.

There are two pools, the one with a slide and some themed touches very active until late into the night. The standard, and quieter pool, seldom had people around it while we were there. There are no hot tubs (with the exception of the private one in the King Kamehameha suite). While the Polynesian Resort offers no health club on site, the Grand Floridian Spa is place equal distance between the Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts and has a walkway to it.

And then there is the service. We received an official Aloha welcome from the concierge staff about 10 weeks before our arrival via a questionnaire. Taking information for our dining reservations and all other activities requiring scheduling as well as special requests like celebrations and food accommodations, we immediately felt a sense of 'all is well and taken care of'. We received several calls over the next few weeks, from concierge staff and restaurant chefs alike, ensuring the best service possible when we arrived. And, indeed, it was the best. From walking in to a sugar-free birthday cake and balloons when we arrived to specialized desserts every evening to the friendly can-do attitude to the well prepared restaurants, everything was as good as it gets.

The buffets were fresh and filled with delightful island style dishes. Fresh whole mangos and papayas were used as garnish, and when we asked if we could eat them, the concierge staff very graciously offered to cut them into pieces for us. We ate a lot of mango and papaya. The concierge lounge is well used and has an ambiance of family style friendliness. There is a corner station for children set up that has crayons and coloring pages as well as kid style snacks. The lounge has a 'perfect' view of the Magic Kingdom castle. I'd say the truest testimonial to the service provided was the couple we met who had been to Disney World over 40 times -- everytime with the Polynesian concierge service.

We found here a real Aloha spirit -- a sense of open hearted friendliness and goodwill -- that I am sure will bring us back again and again. I give the Polynesian Resort an overall 9.9 rating. When they add the hot tub, it will be a solid 10.

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Just a Bit Disappointed
5/23/2006 by wdwbarb

I just read your reviews for the first time and now I feel even worse! First let me say that I love nearly all things Disney.  Thats why I chose to spend my 50th birthday at the Polynesian Concierge.  The newly renovated rooms are absolutely beautiful but nobody contacted us ahead of time.  My daughter arranged to have flowers delivered to our room on my birthday and they screwed that up (left them at the front desk) and even that wasnt enough to prompt as much as a "Happy Birthday" from the staff.  We were treated rudely by Phil at the concierge desk when we checked in.  The lounge is beautiful and I spent quiet early mornings loving the view of the castle but the treatment I got at the Polynesian was far from what I expected.  And when I later contacted Guest Services, I received a form letter saying thanks for sharing this with us (i.e., we really dont believe you).  I guess I was hoping for a "Were sorry."  Ive been back to Florida once since then and got much better service at

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