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Adventures by Disney

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Tony's Town Square Restaurant is located right near the entrance inside the Magic Kingdom, making this Italian eatery a great location for eating if you are too hungry to wait until you are further into the park or plan to leave the park right after the meal.

The waiting area has a lovely Victorian Feel (and usually quite crowded)


and got these wonderful shots of the ambiance!

From the lunch menu for this review..  first up: Lasagna - good and cheezy!

Nothing quite like a good old fashoined plage of spaghetti at an Italian restaurant 


The Calzone was a hit with Alan who was very happy to see some of his favorites returned to the menu.

The Eggplant Stack is BACK!  And as tasty as ever:)


And, finally, a traditional Italian dessert; >)

You can expect to pay approximately $20 per person for an entree and a drink.  As a group of reviewers, we give Tony's the official two thumbs up for ambiance and location... and if you love Italian style comfor food.  If you're looking for a more varied Italian menu, check out Alfredo's at Epcot.

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Member Reviews of "Tony's Town Square Restaurant Review":
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Gluten-free Heaven!
12/9/2015 by Ahnalira

We were SO happy with our gluten-free and no sugar added meal at Tony's!  They could convert almost everything on their menu to a gluten-free option.  HEAVEN!

Really enjoyable
6/24/2012 by Jodi

We've dined at Tony's a few times.  I think the best part is the environment.  It's a really pretty place with comfy seating and good servers.  The food is good, especially if you're a lover of spaghetti like I am.  And the desserts are very good!  While this isn't my absolute favorite place to eat in Walt Disney World, it is a place that we have returned to several times.  It definitely gets a thumbs up from us!

A very happy surprise!
3/28/2012 by Ser Alan

Over the years Tony's has become a mainstay in our Magic Kingdom dining schedule.  The menu has varied dramatically over that time, sometimes I've found myself at a loss for what to eat.  This new menu has got me very happy, I found several items on the Lunch menu that I thought I'd like to try out which is a rather new experience for me at Tony's!

We were seated out on the patio and the weather that day was just perfect, a very nice comfortable temperature and a little bit of a breeze with a nice light airy feeling.

I decided to go with the Chicken Florentine Calzone for my lunch.  What I got was really more reminiscent of a very tasty chicken pot pie -- not what I expected but very good nonetheless.  Ahnalira got the Zuccini Fries which were perfectly cooked with a delicious crust on them. 

Overall, I found this meal to be a very pleasant surprise and I am

8/31/2011 by Marisa
Extremely delicious. Must go.
Tonys Town Square
12/12/2009 by Melissa
I love to eat at Tony's. The food is great.
Much Improved Menu
5/21/2009 by Ahnalira

One thing that can be counted on with Disney: the menu changes  For me with Tony's, this was a very good thing!  We loved the choices on our last visit there - everything from Pork Loin to Seafood Pasta to Salmon...  much more interesting for those who prefer not to eat a big plate of pasta (Like Lady and the Tramp did)

I also really like the location at the front of the park - easy to come and easy to go - before and afterward.

Tony's going upscale?
1/1/2009 by Ser Alan
We recently attended Tony's Town Square Restaurant with some friends and family and had a much better experience than I even expected!  With the help of our friend Charlie we all got exactly what we wanted, special orders all the way around.  I created a new dish, chicken parmigiana with spicy roasted pepper sauce -- had a bit of a nice kick without the sugar of the marinara, not bad!  One of our friends ordered the salmon and that received rave reviews all the way around the table.

The service was truly excellent and deserves a 5 out of 5.  The food varied from simply average Italian style fare to the one exceptional dish, I would give the food about a 3.5 overall.  Ambience is ok, location is extremely convenient.

As Magic Kingdom dining options go, Tony's is pretty good -- especially if you're looking for some family spaghetti.  Just ask for Charlie if yo
2/25/2007 by Mary

We just love this place! The food is really great! My husband had a steak last time and he said he was just as good as some of the better steak houses we have near our home. One daughter had pasta and meatballs and the other one had some sort of chicken dish, they both loved it. I had pasta as well and we also had the calamari for appetizer. I can't wait to go back this year!

Great Honeymoon Dinner
7/23/2006 by Corinne
My Husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. We arrived the day after our wedding in the evening and after checking into our hotel, we went to the Magic Kingdom. We had dinner reservations at Tony's and they were right before the parade started. They sat us outside on the porch and had decorated our table with confetti and ribbons! Our appetizer of Spinach and artichoke dip was not good, it was so pureed it had the texture of baby food (ech), but our main course was delicious! We had a steak topped with sauteed spinach and other vegtables and they were so-o good! It was fantastic and so was our waiter. The best part was our perfect view of the parade. We watched the whole thing as we ate dinner, and we saw everything just fine.  We had such a great time that night that Tony's was our favorite dinner of the entire Honeymoon.
It was perfect!

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