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Chefs de France Restaurant Review

What a wonderful lunch we had at Chefs de France! Seated in the side room with a view that swept us into the "World of France"...

Purely for the selfless of reason of having more pictures to show you, we began our meal with appetizers; >) Alan tasted (you guessed it!) French Onion Soup, and I sampled Lobster Bisque. Our joined thumbs up went to the Onion Soup

As is often the case, Alan was full after his soup and two rolls; >), but - intrepid reviewer that he is - made good headway into his Quiche Lorraine.. which he noted was the BEST quiche he had ever tasted

I chose the grilled "Saumon" and almost licked the plate clean - it was PERFECT

We paused between the entree and dessert for some friendly posing of your devoted reviewers and exceptional waiters.. these two took excellent service and added a pinch of French humor that made the experience truly sublime.

And, finally, we were brought our sugar free apple tortes (These are not on the regular menu). We make wishes everyday now that they will be soon I thought I was too full to eat mine until it came and I tasted it. See how that is?

We spent approximately $90 on this meal, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. We rate the experience with Chefs de France wholehearted "Excellent" on all scores.



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Member Reviews of "Chefs de France Restaurant Review":
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Hostage for Payment
9/30/2013 by VAaron

Last night (09/29/13) me and my fiance went there for first time ever to have a date night. was almost 1 hour to closing the Epcot Park. food was ehh, appetizer was actually better than entree, However when came to payment, they had issue with processing my card and if anybody want to believe or not it came to the point that The Manager who didn't let us to write his name, told me that my fiance has not move until i go and bring cash or he will call security that he already did!!! i went to ATM and i was able to draw $100 as i was so angry and forgot how much we are paying for this disgusting food and nightmare date night, came back and he said $25 and some more change left, until we didn't put down all we had in our pocket, doors was closed on us like a hostage taking situation that you see in movies! we talk with guest relation and resort manager, nobody helped us and they said because we don't stay at Disney property, they cant compens

Great soups
1/23/2011 by Nick
Great place to eat dinner at. So after a long, hard, crowded, (almost) winter day, you need food. Something warm and good, right? Well we had reservations here and I ordered the Lobster Bisque (extremely delicious) and a dish (I forget the name) with lamb over noodles in a great sauce with mushrooms. A great five star experience. Coming back again next time.
Good but not a favorite
12/18/2010 by Leah Mosenthal
We enjoyed our dinner at Chefs de France but while it was very good, it was not one of our favorites on our week's vacation.  Remy was apparently 'off' as it was Sunday and we had been hoping to see him; unsure if this was typical but if I had known, I might not have booked on a Sunday.  The service was good and attentive, though I think we felt a little out of place in a way.  My daughter enjoyed her pasta and chicken; (Tate slept through another dinner...), the fresh bread was wonderful, the french onion soup and salad very nice, our entrees (the short rib and the beef tenderloin) were very good, our desserts were also good.  They brought us a box to pack up leftovers for Tate's dinner which he enjoyed later).  I think next time we visit Epcot, we'll probably try another option.  There wasn't anything bad about it per say, just underwhelming.  I wouldn't rule out trying it again in the future a
Not a good experience
12/20/2009 by Jcrreid
Been a DVC since 1993. This was always a favorite stop until Dec 31 2008. Service was very bad, food was so so. Waiter was more concerned about talking to us about getting good tips than earning them! No longer on our list of favorites.
A nice surprise!!
9/1/2008 by Jodi
I'd heard some iffy things about the service here, but decided it was worth trying out and I'm glad we did!  The beauty of the place is really something!  You feel upscale even though you're in shorts and flip flops!  And the service was really good!  Our waitress couldn't have been nicer!  She was especially attentive to my 8 yr old son.  He felt like he was the most important person there!  My eldest son and I both tried something new, so we knew that was a gamble.  But it turned out well!  I enjoyed the duck I ordered, and my son enjoyed the lamb!  Even my dh who is a more picky eater and wasn't necessarily looking forward to this meal said his food was delicious!!  And our desserts were just as good!  It was a great experience and I would be very happy to visit Le Chef's again anytime!
Ch ch changes, but still good!
12/7/2006 by Ser Alan
We recently stopped by Chefs de France for a lovely dinner.  As is my custom, I ordered the Soup a l'oignion and a mixed green salad.  Both were quite good but I must say the French Onion soup is not quite the show stopper it once was... I guess thats what happens when you change chefs, n'est-ce pas?  I hope my French spelling isn't too abominable!   And we do miss the old goat cheese tarte, that was so delicious.

Still, its a great place to eat and the French Onion soup is still noteworthy and should be attempted at every opportunity!  Salad was quite good and Ahnalira was very happy with her meal (pork chop, yum!).  Definitely a WDW fave and new comers should definitely check it out, you may get hooked just like I am

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