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Adventures by Disney

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Victoria & Alberts Review

For those who aren't familiar with Victoria & Albert's..  this is Disney's "creme de la creme" restaurant located at the Grand Floridian Resort.  There are two seatings per evening in a very elegant and intimate dining room.

Dress code is cocttail/evening attire.

The menu offers a five course meal with two selections per each course from which to choose.  Our grand plan coordinators had called ahead to arrange for a sugar free menu for us...  more on this a bit later; >)

I chose the lobster salad for my cold appetizer.

Alan chose the duck with apples and pomegranate...  We both agreed that mine was better.

We both chose rabbit for our hot appetizer.  This was stepping out into the unknown for me, and I was delightfully gratified to have made the leap.  I just kept reminding myself..  "not Thumper, not Thumper; >)"

For the soup course, I chose a black bean soup, and Alan chose the game consomme

I was even more delighted with my entree of pheasant.

Alan chose the veal with gnocchi and ratouille

...he like mine better and so did I

My favorite course was the cheese course that came between the entree and dessert course.  Most would get a poached pear, but we got fresh figs (sugar free) which I

Check out the after dinner coffee maker!

Dessert, I am sorry to report, was the jello mold they keep on hand down at the Grand Floridian Cafe.  We spoke with the manager about the quality of the dessert (given the status of the restaurant), and he made apologies and promised to do better "next time".  My suggestion for others that have similiar dietary restrictions:  Make sure you talk to the manager or chef personally at least 24 hours before your meal to insure the best results.

The meal lasts a good 2 1/2 hours and with the serving sizes, you leave feeling satisfied but not overfull.  Very nice.  Dining at Victoria & Alberts will cost approximately $125 plus tax per person without any wines.  We were delighted with the quality of service and presentation as well as the quality of most courses.  OLP gives Victoria & Alberts a solid "very good", and we will return for that promised dessert; >)

Joy is the path of all who laugh

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Member Reviews of "Victoria & Alberts Restaurant Review":
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First Time for Everything
2/29/2016 by Marc
I have never done anything like this before. Fine dining on steroids! It was an interesting experience, and the food was very tasty...though sometimes unusual. I would call this a "once in a lifetime experience." The price tag is crazy, but I'm glad I did it just so that I can say that I did.
Best Anniversary EVER!!!!
2/21/2012 by Christee Thomas

I was a little nervous when we decided to try Victoria and Alberts' for our Anniversary dinner.  But being a Walt Disney World junkie, you must step out of your comfort zone and try new things.  And boy was I surprised and glad that I took that step.  It was a dining experience and no review could give it the justice it deserves.  All I can say is that when I saw the choices online I was afraid that I would not like a sinlge thing.  But the choices were wonderful and they were all delicious and this comes from a girl who does McDonalds and Red Lobster and is happy with that.  So to come here and find things I could eat and even tried a few news things, I was so happy and will do it again in the future.  Oh so good.   You must try Victoria and Alberts' to understand the dining experience. It will not disappoint. 

Victoria and Albert Celebration
8/23/2011 by Pugh
My family have just returned from a two week stay at the Grand Floridian, and the icing on the cake was a meal on the last eve at Victoria and Alberts... oh what an experience !!!!! we were in heaven, the food was to die for, also the whole experience, the explanation of each course. Each plate perfectly designed and a delight to the eye as well as the palate.It was well worth every penny plus more in my opinion. A must for fine diners.
Ok, I'm a convert -- try the Australian Kobe
6/7/2010 by Ser Alan
Well, I am finally a full convert to Victoria & Alberts.  We came for my birthday this time -- because this is the only known place on Disney property that will make a sugarfree chocolate souffle.

Service was excellent, informative, and very well timed (everything is synchronized).  We started with a quattro amuse bouche and the tomato fennel custard was a real standout.  Next I had the seared elk carpaccio which was like a delicious salad with edible flowers, I could barely even taste the elk which seemed like it had been painted onto the plate.  Next was turbot (a light portuguese fish) which was lemony, crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside: possibly the best piece of fish I've ever eaten!  Zucchini Tomato soup -- best tomato soup I've ever had, with subtle overtones and a light texture.  Then I indulged in the Wagyu Australean Kobe beef -- some tenderloin and then some short rib meat
Sugar Free desserts are on the up!
4/20/2009 by Ahnalira

As you can see from the above review, Victoria & Albert's missed the boat on desserts when we wrote this  However, when we returned in December 08 they offered a choice of sugar-free desserts that included chocolate souffle (pictures can be found by clicking on picture link)  It was delicious!

AND they now have a record of our preferences so  when we go again - and we will now - they will already know what we like

Finally lives up to its potential
12/29/2008 by Ser Alan

As you may have noticed from my previous reviews, I have not been a big fan of Victoria & Albert's in the past.  But, it was a birthday celebration so I did my best to be a good sport ... and was pleasantly surprised!  Gone was the arrogant, uncommunicative server.  Our servers this time were no longer Victoria or Albert but they more than made up for that in friendly, efficient and top notch service! 

My companions all ordered from the Vegetarian menu which looked quite good, I opted for the standard menu myself.  We found that Victoria & Albert's was very accomodating to our special dietary requests this time around.  Where we got a jello pyramid on our last visit, this time we got a delightful sugar-free chocolate souffle which was quite worthy of being served in a true gourmet venue.

The other seven courses were quite flavorful although I found that the Elk

9/8/2006 by Donna Miller

Victoria & Albert's is worth the price.  The food, service and presentation was impeccable. I highly recommend this experience.  After 7 courses we were stuffed.  My husband and I each ordered different items so we were able to taste almost everything on the menu.  No complaints only praise!!  The personal service was extraordinary.



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