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Adventures by Disney

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Garden Grill

If you are lookin' for some down-home cookin' after a day of farming (or touring Epcot), The Garden Grille character meal in the Land Pavilion is waitin' for you; >)

Serving lunch and dinner, the Garden Grill not only revolves to view the theming of "The Land" attraction underneath its floor, it also serves the food grown there! It's down home cookin' served family style

For crowded times, there is a lovely waiting area that makes you feel like you are sitting in a garden. 

Once inside, the restaurant offers both tables

and booths that revolve slowly around an everchanging landscape of seasons.  For example, there a prairie with storms in the distance

and a desert...  not to mention a farmhouse with animatronic critturs

This, in itself is pretty entertaining, dontcha think?  But there's more! 

Garden Grill has some of the best character interaction of any character meals we've experienced!  Farmer Mickey, Chip, Dale and Pluto

and you might say, "Wow, that's alot of entertainment for one restaurant!" 

But, there's more...  dinner; >) 

First, comes the fresh warm bread

along with a tasty, crisp salad

The main course included, fried catfish, flank steak, turkey, potato casserole, and steamed fresh veggies

and we got seconds on whatever we wanted:)  We were too full for the sugar-free dessert option of vanilla ice cream; we had totally filled up on the delicious main course; >)  Lunch is $19.99 per adult and $10.99 for children between 3 and 9.  Dinner is $24.99 per adult and $10.99 for children. This is not gourmet style food, but there is plenty of it and, with some of the most playful, friendly characters thrown in for good measure, OLP gives Garden Grill the "Down Home" two snap stamp of approval!

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Member Reviews of "Garden Grille":
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Fabulous from start to finish!
12/8/2014 by Jodi

This was absolutely my favorite meal during our trip in Sept 2014.  From the moment we walked up to check in and one of the hosts, Carlos, saw my birthday button and hollered, 'Jodi, I'm so glad to see you again!  I haven't seen you in ages.  I've missed you!' and gave me a hug to our amazing waitress, to the fun character interaction, to the delicious food, I simply cannot find a single complaint.  There are so many character dining experiences in WDW, but, in my humble opinion, this is in my top two favorite.  It beats out Chef Mickey's, Cape May, and lots of others.  I will DEFINITELY be visiting Garden Grill again on my next visit. 

Holds a Special Place in My Heart
8/1/2014 by Ahnalira

We've been going here for so many years with family and friends that it--almost--doesn't matter what the food's SO much about laughing with characters...who are VERY interactive, by the way (watch our video clip review if you want to see what I am talking about ; >)  We have so many memories made here, the food almost doesn't matter...

Speaking of food, they accommodate gluten free quite well....sugar free or no sugar added not so much.  Keep that in mind, sugar free people, if it matters to you that you get the full meal here.  Because dessert is included in the all-inclusive price. Just sayin.

Doesn't matter that much to me.. I go for the memories.

Rotating through yummy foods
9/20/2013 by Ser Alan

We just had a get together at the Garden Grill with some old friends and had a great time.  We have some special needs in our group, so the chef came out and went through every single item on the family style menu with us -- he was just amazing.  Since this is a family style restaurant, they just bring platters of food out to you and you take whatever you want, if you run out they bring more.  Ahnalira was totally enamored of the mashed potatoes while I was extremely fond of the roast turkey.  I'm a bit of a turkey snob so I'll divulge that this appears to be a very high quality pressed turkey, about as good as you can get in a typical restaurant but not quite the same as the whole turkey you might roast at home for Thanksgiving which is the best type of turkey as far as I'm concerned.  The fish was a Tilapia and was very flavorful and well seasoned while the beef I believe was a skirt steak -- a bit chewy

Garden Grill
7/29/2013 by Tonya

When my kids were younger- we ate here every trip. It's been a few years, but let's just say my kids miss this place so much, they made me make reservation for our upcoming trip in Oct. I can't wait to go back. I know I always enjoyed it when the kids were little. The characters come to the table and it's all you care to eat family style. I'll report back after our trip to give an up dated review!!

Garden Grill Dinner
10/27/2010 by Amitaf
We absolutely LOVED this restaurant. Eating at this place was a very exciting experience, the characters came to our table quite a few times (Mickey, pluto, chip and dale) the food was very fresh, and the restaurant spins while you eat. Compared to the Liberty Tavern you sure get your money's worth at the Garden Grill
2/24/2008 by Julie J
Our group of 9, including three infants/toddlers, went to Garden Grill during January 2008 - slow season at Disney! The food was really good - fresh veggies, lots of variety -as much as you want. PLUS - we had PLENTY of time with the characters, including Mickey, Pluto, and Chip & Dale. We went during lunch and were seated immediately. The kids' dessert was so cute - a decorate-your-own cupcake with a miniature vanilla cake and little cups of frosting, candies, cherries, etc. My two-year-old loved it, and the two babies who were a year old seemed to like it, too. HAVE FUN!

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