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Adventures by Disney

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Boma to Break Fast.
Located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma is a buffet of filled with exotic flavors from the regions of Africa.

...or should I say break FEAST.  This is the biggest breakfast buffet with more options than any I've ever seen before!  With everything from carved meats and breakfast breads..

to African specialties like curried cornedbeef hash and hot cereals..

to regular American breakfast fixin's

and even breakfast pizza!

They also offer a GREAT pot of "pressed" Kenyan coffee

We did, indeed, feast!  This buffet was $49.53 for two of us...  not one of the most economical breakfasts...  but MOST ASSUREDLY one of the tastiest .  OLP gives it a hearty two thumbs up!

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Member Reviews of "Boma Breakfast Buffet":
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Exotic flavors
9/21/2013 by See Alan
Boma is a fun buffet style restaurant with exotic African inspired dishes. We recently sampled the breakfast buffet with gluten free Mickey waffles and goat cheese scrambled eggs. Ambience here is awesome. It's a must do if you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
Breakfast Adventure
8/19/2013 by Ahnalira

If you are looking for an breakfast adventure, Boma is a great choice -- all kinds of different African options.  There are also plenty of traditional American options as well for those of us who like to stick to the tried and true :P  If you are the kind of eater that can fill up and then skip a meal or two, Boma is perfect because it's almost impossible to not get full with so many tasty buffet options!  For me, the highlight of this buffet used to be the loose leaf teas so I had to downgrade my rating to a 4 because they are no longer on the menu.

don't need to be too adventurous
12/9/2012 by connie

What I liked about Boma is that there is a nice variety of food and I got to try out new things to eat.  There were some standard food choices for less adventurous eaters like myself, too!   What I hated about this restaurant is that the way the seating is arranged, I felt like I was eating with the people who were sitting next to us.   There was absolutely no possible way to have a private conversation.  Also,  my husband and I felt like we were always in the way, stumbling between other tables and chairs just to get back and forth to the buffet.  Just too crowded!

Boma for breakfast
10/13/2011 by Christee Thomas
I am not a breakfast person.  Some meat and potatoes are about all I can do.  But for a breakfast person, this place is heaven.  Lots of choices and lots of happiness. 
No tea?? Disappointment!
10/12/2011 by Ser Alan
If you read my review from a few years back, you'll see that the thing I really loved about the Boma breakfast buffet was the loose leaf teas that they brewed at your table. We just had breakfast at Boma and they brought us tea bags, just like everywhere else at Disney. Needless to say it was a sad moment for me. The breakfast was good, and the chef came out and toured us through the buffet pointing out the sugar-free items (less than half the buffet!). She also whipped up a plate of Mickey waffles special for us which I really appreciated. That chef did a great job and pulled my review up from a sad 2 stars up to a 3.4 star rating. Overall, I can't say that the Boma buffet really stands out. Probably the best thing that everybody enjoyed was the goat cheese and chive scambled eggs. I thought the Bobotie was good too -- sort of like an African version of a Tamale pie.
Dreaming of Boma!!!
5/19/2011 by JeanneEC
We were at Animal Kingdom Lodge in January, 2010. I have had regular dreams about our wonderful time there, especially our meals at Boma. This is something you have to experience if you are anywhere near Disney!!!
A winner!
12/18/2010 by Leah Mosenthal
Boma was our favorite buffet and maybe even meal on our 7 night vacation.  We went for dinner on our 2nd night after a day touring the AK; it was nice to check out the lobby of the Jamba House during our brief wait.  The Boma staff were very kind and accommodated our sleeping son in his stroller, and also allowed us to bring his dinner home since he slept til dessert and could not be convinced to eat dinner when the rest of us were elbow deep in their fabulous desserts.  We adults have adventurous palates and both kids are good eaters.  There was a nice selection of familiar and adventurous foods; our 5yo daughter was happy with the children's offerings, fruit and tried a several other things.  Our son enjoyed his prime rib and pasta later that evening.  My husband and I enjoyed the African theme, the food was delicious (I loved the watermelon rind salad, very gingery and refreshing), my husband liked too many things to remember
My favorite restaurant!
6/1/2010 by Cindy B

We have eaten at Boma's three times so far...and it is by far our favorite place to eat at Disney!  We love the variety and tasting exotic things that we can't get in North Georgia!  Even our daughter, who is the picky one, can find things she likes here.  Not only is the food wonderful, but getting to walk around the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge is a huge plus.  We always go wander to the overlooks and around the pool area.  When we were there in March of 09, we had breakfast there also.  Afterwards, we were walking around the pool looking for another overlook to see the animals.  The gifaffes and other animals were grazing and the sun was streaming through the trees...truly a beautiful moment.  Out of nowhere, a Photopass photographer was there asking us if we wanted a family picture with the savannah in the background.  Well, of course, we did!  As it turned out, it was one o

5/11/2010 by donna polar
Boma is one of our favorite eating places whether it is just the 2 of us, adults only, or with my grandkids.  There is something for everyone and everything is great.  Reservations suggested as it is very popular.
4/20/2010 by Sablue
The food is unique but may not appeal to everyone. It is very African in design. I Just left (apr 19th 2010) and I did not find a single potato item on the buffet. Meats were very good, and the dessert tray was unique and fantastic. The sort of items you find yourself asking others to try. Salads and pastas were plenty and many unique African dishes. I do believe everyone should try it, but be open to trying new items, and don't go if you want to stuff yourself with traditional American foods
Great Prime Rib!
1/11/2007 by l shaw

My husband's FAVORITE restaurant - found it by accident two years ago while we were just touring the resort- hubby cannot get enough of that Prime Rib!


8/5/2006 by Divya

We ate here the first night we were at Disney for the dinner buffet and my fiance and i fell in love.  We had my 7 yr old little brother with us and he is the pickiest eater and he even loved it.  Bomas was so wonderful that we made a second reservation for dinner while we were there and we had breakfast there as well.  Both buffets were excellent, especially the dinner.  If you are a dessert lover then you must try this place.  The dessert buffet alone makes it a trip worth going to.  Of all the restaurants I have eaten at in Disney World (and I am a frequent visitor so I have been to many) I have to say that Bomas is my absolue favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a must!

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