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For flavors Southwestern and South of the Border, the Maya Grille offers a unique and flavorful menu wink

and the ambiance is art in architecture, n'est-ce pas?

The bread came with an excellent cilantro/lime juice/garlic/olive oil dip..  which we slathered generously over other parts of our meal, too, it was sooooo yummy:)

Alan chose the Chicken Eggroll as his appetizer.  It was spiced with cumin and had blackbeans in it...  a decidedly Southwest twist to the typical Asian fare.

Marion opted for a Tomato Salad... VERY tasty!

and I opted for the Chicken Soup...  again, very good!

For an entree, Alan chose Steak

Marion chose the MahiMahi

and I chose the Salmon

All of us were, again, VERY pleased!  The mashed potatoes were a special fave wink

Marion opted for the 'lighter' fruit plate for dessert

While Alan and I (of course wink) went for the sugarfree chocolate cake they made for us:)

Here is a picture of the regular dessert display for those of you who might be interested wink

We spent approximately $30 per person for this delicious meal, and we were delighted to discover this nouveau Mexican fare.  OLP votes a unnamimous VERY GOOD to EXCELLET on the Maya Grille:)
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Member Reviews of "Maya Grille Review":
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Another delicious meal!
3/28/2012 by Ser Alan

After lunch at the Pepper Court, we decided to step up to the Maya Grille for dinner and were totally wowed yet again!  The ambience here is always wonderful, with the Mayan Temple theming and comfortable booths -- its one of the best ambience restaurants on property.

I liked the appetizer menu so much that I decided to skip the entree and get the Black Bean Soup and the Tostadas de Tinga.  The soup is fun since they give you a bowl with ingredients and then they pour the black bean soup on top.  This is a very nice black bean soup but its the Pulled Chicken tostadas that I'm going to remember -- three delicious, freshly cooked tostadas with tons of flavor and a little bit of a kick.  I really enjoyed them and Ahnalira raved about her Grilled tilapia which was perfectly cooked and very fresh.  

All in all, I have to give Maya Grille 5 stars for yet another delicious meal.

Kobe burgers, yumm
6/1/2010 by Ser Alan
Well there aren't too many Kobe burgers to be found on property, so I was pretty excited to see one pop up on the Maya Grill menu.  Unfortunately, my old fave the Chilean Salmon, is no more.  So I ordered a salad and a Kobe burger and found them both to be quite satisfactory, fresh and flavorful.  I give them about a 3.8 I think.  Ahnalira got a fried pork chop which was really delicious and possibly one of the best pork chops either of us had ever had, with a crispy crust and still the inside was mosit and tender. 

They don't have a no-sugar-added desert and somehow they lost our special dietary request.  However, the chef came out and really brainstormed with us to come up with a no-sugar-added strawberry shortcake using available ingredients, and it was quite tasty I might add!

Price is on the high side, in the 70 ish range for two -- we each ordered appetizer, entree and ice
Chilean Salmon, Wow!
5/8/2007 by Ser Alan
We just had a delicious dinner at the Maya Grill; for the first time I really felt that the food itself took center stage (although I still enjoy the Mayan theming!).  Our waitress recommended the Chilean Salmon with such enthusiasm that I went ahead and ordered it, in spite of my normally reticent attitude towards fishy friends!  Wow was that a good choice!  Possibly the best salmon anywhere that I have ever had, I think it even beat out Artist Point which had been my favorite all-time Salmon.  This was a very fresh, wild Salmon (which seems to mean a thinner filet usually!) that was perfectly seared, slightly crispy on the outside and still moist and tender on the inside.   The mashed potatoes were delightful as well!

Big thumbs up, especially for salmon lovers
Sooo Good
10/5/2006 by Jodi

We were REALLY surprised at this one!  I don't know why, exactly!  I guess b/c while we enjoyed Boatwrights at POR on our last trip, we didn't think of it as "fine cuisine", but more as "comfort food".  So, we went to Maya grill with that in mind.  But, we were absolutely starving and, honestly, would have been fine with "comfort food".  Boy were we in for a great shock!  This was absolutely HEAVENLY!  DELICIOUS!!  WONDERFUL!!  It was adventurous types of food, but for us, that is fine!  Not one single complaint can we give!   From the food to the service to the ambiance, it was really a great experience!  Even if we aren't at CSR next trip, this is somewhere I would LOVE to go back to!  We did do dinner, so I don't know about the breakkie buffet.  I'm not, generally, a big buffet person, so that wasn't much of a draw, though I am sure it is delicious as well!

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