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Adventures by Disney

Gateway to Galapagos Julie 2

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day 1 continued....

We left the Phoenix airport about an hour and half later than the time given us by Adventures by Disney, and - course - we arrived in Sedona later than anticipated.  The Amara Hotel definitely met the Adventures by Disney promise of a 4 star hotel. We had minimal time to settle into our rooms before it was time to meet for a late dinner. 

his was our official Welcome and Introduction meal.  It's an opportunity for the Adventure Guides to explain the logistics of our tour and facilitate introductions amongst the group.  Disney usually includes entertainment at this meal, and this was no exception.  Unfortunately, we were running late, and all of these activities were set to occur before we ate.  The later it got, the lower my bloodsugar went.  I don't know if it was specific to me because of type 1 Diabetes or if others felt we were asked to wait too long to eat...  I finally broke into the Adventure Guides schpiel and asked for crackers  Logistics: -1

The dinner was a buffet, and - credit to the hotel - there was a vegetarian pasta option for me and the other vegetarian in the group.  At the time, I wished there was cheese included for protein, and Alan mentioned that the regular buffet seemed more limited in options than other Adventures by Disney tours.  The food quality was acceptable, though not stand-out like some of our other tour Welcome Dinners. The entertainment was exceptionally good (and I have a short video clip for you to get see for yourself) Entertainment: +1

Place video clip here: myvideos/SedonaWelcomeDinner

We were all so tired, I'm not sure anyone could truly give this Cowboy Poet his due.  I think most - if not all - of us just wanted to get to our rooms and rest.  Which we did.  And I'm glad I have this short video clip to remind just how good they were

The Amara Hotel is in the middle of Sedona and has a lovely view

The lobby was quite elegant.

The bed was exsquisite!

And the tub - just what a long day of travel was meant to end in

High-speed internet was free, but the best reception was in the lobby.


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