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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Expedition Everest™ in Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest with Alan and Ahnalira.

The journey to Mt. Everest begins when you are transported to a distant world of exploration and the mythical village of Serka Zong. A canopy of prayer flags, an ornamental monastery, intricately carved totems and a garden of stone carvings of the yeti clutching the mountain will immerse yourself in a far-off realm. The yeti's role as protector of the sacred mountain is reinforced in this detailed environment rich in culture and tradition.

Despite forewarnings, the proprietors of Himalayan Escapes Tour Company entice explorers to embark on a rugged train journey to the mystical Mt. Everest.

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Wheeeee!!!! 11/26/2016 by Tonya
This ride rocks!! The whole theme just pulls at my heart. The ride itself is so intense. It's the best as you whip around and even go backwards. I have to say anything more than 2 rides in a row, it more than enough. Otherwise, it starts to mess with my head and my stomach. It's fun though while it lasts! Ha!! Read reviews by this author

A favorite! 5/9/2016 by Jodi
OHMEGOSH! I can't say enough how much I love this ride. From the theming through the queue to the ride itself, Disney has really outdone themselves. This is such a blast and every member of my family gives it two thumbs up! Read reviews by this author

Favorite! 8/17/2013 by Ahnalira

This is my favorite attraction in the Animal Kingdom!  The queue theming is amazing - an attraction in its own right - and the roller coaster component of the attraction has the BEST story line EVER!  And (spoiler alert) who doesn't love going backwards fast?! 

Read reviews by this author

Wow!!!!! 6/2/2007 by Kristin
Fast pass this ride AND stand in line for it.  It is great!  We stood in line while waiting for our fastpass as it was the first place we went on an Early Magic Hours in Animal Kingdom.  The line moves very quickly and it was well worth it.  One of the best rollercoasters Disney has to offer.  The Yeti is cool.  I loved going through the line and learning about Everest as well.  Great ride.  Must Do This!!!!!!! Read reviews by this author

Awesome! Fun ride. 1/31/2006 by Ser Alan

We recently got an Annual Passholder sneak peek of the Animal Kingdoms latest thrill ride, Expedition Everest has great Himalayan theming and the ride itself is really fun!  This has rapidly, after only one ride, worked itself into my personal top five Disney World attractions. Not only that, there are tasty gourmet iced teas to be found at a new stand in Asia; that finished off our Animal Kingdom visit nicely.  The only downside to the ride was the incredibly long line (about 50 minutes).  So go grab your fast pass first thing because they were gone by the time we got there at 2PM!!

Read reviews by this author

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This explains everything; >)

Who dat?

What happened to the train track?!

Is someone telling us to stop?!

The mountain everyone wants to climb:)

Imagine the view!

In the distance

Tibetan ambiance even in the distance

Loading area

From a distance


Tibetan flags let you know where in Asia you are; >)

The "Tibetan village" surrounding Everest offers gear to prepare for the climb.

The cars are "steam-driven"; >) This also gives you a good idea of size constraints for the seats.

The queue is a tribute to explorers who climbed Mt Everest.

It is clear this queue is on Tibet; >)

An exterior wall... very authentic theming!

The "feel" of Tibet is quite well done, imho.

Homage to the Yeti is a very important aspect of this attraction's storyline.

See how that is?

Respect the Yeti... and be careful!

The queue also offers plenty of equipment for the trek up the mountain.

Warm socks are a necessity in these cold climes:)

The Yeti Museum is a highlight of the queue.

The museum has many Yeti artifacts.

My favorite part of the museum is the display honoring "lost explorers".

Yeti clues

Event the boarding platform is themed.

The adventure begins!

Brrrrrr... it's cold at the top of the peak; >)

...and it's a long way down

You know you've arrived when you see this sign:)

A final Tibetan tribute to Yeti near the exit

More "Lost explorer" remains

Yeti footprint..?????

The bottom line

It's higher than you'd think :P

Night landscape

This text will be replaced

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