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The Wave
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Average Member Rating: Member Rating: 5 out of 5
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Type: full
Cuisine: American
Price Scale: $$$
Meals Served: B, L, D

The Wave is a casual restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering healthy choices, world flavors and original cocktails at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

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The Wave Gluten-Free Review

OLP enjoys a gluten free meal at The Wave in the Contemporary Resort.

The Wave Restaurant Review

OLP and friends review another delicious dinner at The Wave in Disney's Contemporary Resort, Walt Disney World®

OLP Review:

The Wave Review

by DizneyDonna


I was fortunate enough to dine at the brand new Wave Restaurant within Disney’s Contemporary Resort about a week ago. 

 This was the restaurant’s third week being opened and I could not wait to give it a try.  I am so happy to report that Walt Disney World has another winning dining experience within its repertoire of dining establishments with The Wave.


Upon entering the restaurant, you emerge into a brushed silver tunnel, with glass walls encasing “bubbles” on either side.  You’ll notice that as you move on, the tunnel declines ever so slightly, giving you the subtle feeling that you are descending into a watery wonderland.  The soft, blue lights that permeate the tunnel, also lend their ambiance to the "watery wonderland" that awaits you at the end of the tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel, you'll find the podium, with a huge, gorgeous, frosted glass wall as its backdrop.  This glass wall encases "waves and bubbles" within, leading you to imagine that the wall itself contains flowing water throughout. 


The two lounge/waiting rooms are to the right of the restaurant as you exit the tunnel.  These semi-circular rooms, with their long comfy couches aligning the entire wall, are quite dark, with a soft glow of blue light radiating from a circular "tray" in the ceiling.  These rooms are so relaxing in nature, that you almost don't mind the wait to be seated.  While waiting, you'll look on as glowing drinks are brought to guests, permeating the darker, soft blue glowing area and adding to the relaxing overall ambiance.

The bar itself is another beautiful area of the restaurant.  Darker, warm, woods with lots of glass so the soft lighting perfectly placed, plays off of the glass and lend its own brand of soft glow.  Upon the ceiling are golden twinkling lights adding to the warmth of the ambiance.  At the very end of the bar area you'll see the hundreds of wine bottles through the windowed wall, allowing you a glimpse into one of the restaurants "quirky" claims to fame; the largest collection of fine "screw top" wines in the US.  It is told that experts are now finding that the freshest and tastiest of wines are to be found beneath screw tops; not the long believed corks that generally tops our possibly outdated idea of the finer wines of the past.  You'll also find organic wine and beer as a unique offering to sample, as well. 

Moving into the dining area, you’ll find that this area takes on more of warm golden glow.  It’s as if you’re transported from the watery wonderland into an underground mysterious cave of golden walls and waves flowing freely above.  This is accomplished with very modern, contemporary touches such as interesting use of lighting, along with golden waves of metal, encasing the entire ceiling of both rooms.  In the center of each table, you’ll find that the salt and pepper shakers lend their own artistic touch to your table.  Circular brushed silver “pucks” settled into a brushed silver holder will have you initially wondering “what in the world?”  Upon closer inspection you’ll find the tiny openings atop the “pucks” leading to the revelation that you’ve discovered the salt and pepper shakers. 


Contemporary art of soft golden colors adorns the walls in a conservative way, careful not to overdue and take away from the feeling of “calm” you’ll experience during your time within The Wave.

The food, mostly of organic nature, is extremely fresh, with vegetables arriving every other day from local farms.  You’ll find nothing battered and dripping with grease here.  Everything is either grilled, pan seared, or baked.  As a Southern girl and huge fan of all things battered and fried, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive.  However, upon the arrival of our food, we were more than pleasantly surprised.  My filet bathed in a wonderful cabernet sauce, I’ll venture to say, was the best that I’ve had in quite some time.  It was served with fresh warm, dressed greens, and roasted tomatoes and fingerling potatoes hiding beneath the filet itself.


My companion for the evening, (my 9 year old son), opted for a linguini dish, adorned with shrimp, baby clams and a wonderful light tomato broth.  We requested the broth on the side, and the server was happy to oblige.  In all honesty, I was tempted to dig into the remaining broth in the bowl and enjoy it as a soup.


It was that good. My son and I were both extremely pleased with our choices and were eager to give 2 very hearty thumbs up.

Desserts are served in 3 miniature bowls offering various samplings of delectable and interesting sugary delights.  Samplings are grouped in various categories such as “Creamy Indulgence”, “Decadent Flavors”, “Crisp and Crunchy” and “Freshly Crafted Sorbets”.  You are also welcomed to mix and match to create your own personalized, 3 miniature bowl, samplings.  We opted for the cheesecase with raspberry coulis, coconut panna cotta with passion fruit drizzle and vanilla braised pineapple spears on one sampling “plate”.  Then we decided on a second sampling of the homemade and freshly crafted sorbets (pineapple, strawberry, and lemon basil); Again, a “homerun” for The Wave in the dessert department.  I’d say our favorite was the cheesecake and coconut panna cotta, with the vanilla braised pineapple spears coming in last.  Not that they weren’t good……it’s just that for our sweet teeth, this choice didn’t quite offer the sugar laden dessert that we have personally become accustomed to.  However, this along with the sorbets make for a delightful choice for those desiring something subtly sweet.

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Dessert Menu

Lunch Menu

Breakfast Menu

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Average member review 5 our of 5 stars.Member Reviews:
Love the Wave!
11/26/2016 by tonya
In Sept '16 we once again (like every trip) had dinner here. I love the look/theme of this restaurant. The bread is just the best! I'm so sad to say, I'm allergic to it, but I enjoyed it until I broke out in a rash. Ha! I had the beef Tenderloin. It was so yummy! I can't wait to go back in March!
nsa Creme Brulee!
1/12/2016 by Ser Alan

The Wave has been one of our favorite healthy restaurants ever since it opened.  We stopped by for lunch -- a great time because it is practically empty at lunch time.  In fact, most resort restaurants tend to be easy to get into at lunch time.  The meal this time didn't really knock our socks off, but the no-sugar-added dessert sure did!

I started out with the tomato creme soup which was very nice.  That was followed by a grass fed burger on a gluten-free bun, guacamole and cheese.  This was a very tasty burger, quite savory and well seasoned -- but it was a pretty standard burger otherwise.  It came with fries which just seemed like standard frozen steak fries to me.  Ahnalira had the Arctic Char which is sort of like a salmon dish, over succotash.  The succotash was quite nice but neither one of us was really into the Char.

The final course was a

Love The Wave
2/28/2013 by Tonya

This is my son's favorite restaurant at Disney... which I find a bit strange considering he's 15. We try to eat here every trip. The bread is fresh, the salads are yummy, the desserts- the best! I love the theme and look of the restaurant. I will admit I miss Concourse Steakhouse... however, The Wave is a great place to dine!!

surprisingly good
12/9/2012 by Connie

We were looking for a restaurant close to the Magic Kingdom and this was recommended by OLP.  The only bad thing was that we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table even though we had reservations. 

After we were seated, though, service was fast and food was great! 

8/25/2009 by AllisonWndrlnd32
The last time that my family and I dined at the Wave I got the spice crusted chicken salad and it was AMAZING. I have been having dreams about this salad and have done everything in my power to ensure that it will be my first WDW meal. I highly recommend this restaurant and especially recommend this fantastic salad.
I am a convert!
4/20/2009 by Ahnalira
Excellent soups and salads and the BEST no sugar added desserts on property, imho
Great healthy eco-gourmet fare!
1/4/2009 by Ser Alan

I've now had the opportunity to eat a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner at the trendy new Wave restaurant, located in the bowels of the Contemporary Resort in Disneyworld.  Seating is fantastic if you are lucky enough to get one of the large, room-like booths. 

Food is generally fantastic and very healthy -- a vegetarian's delight.  Of the three meals, the breakfast was my least favorite.  I ordered a hearty whole grain french toast which I found to be rather bland.  However, lunch and dinner were both quite excellent with lots to please the discriminating palate.  The vegetarian dishes were exceptional by all reports (I didn't order them myself!) and the no-sugar added trio dessert was fantastic: braised pineapple, baklava, and zucchini carrot cake (my fave!). 

Definitely a place to experience, especially if you are wanting to do the "green" thi

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