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Adventures by Disney

List of reviewers

30 Member Reviews by Christee Thomas:

  • Sanaa

    Had to come back and will be going back again on 10/21/2015

    The restaurant alone is enough to make any one happy,  A terrific view of the savanna and the tree going through the dining room with lanterns hanging above.  Then the food comes out and you are in paradise.  The bread service is out of this world delicious.  Make sure to get all 9 dipping sauces and you may need to ask for more bread.  It's that good.  The entrees are just as delicious as the bread service.  This was the best meal we had on property this trip, maybe the best yet and we come to Walt Disney World Resort a few times a year.  We will be coming back again, and again.  

  • Chef Mickey's

    Chef Mickey's brekfast on 6/5/2015

    We went to Chef Mickey's for breakfast but mostly for my 3 year old nephew to meet the characters.  ALl he wanted to do was have breakfast with Pluto and that he did.  The food was ok but the character interaction was absolutely wonderful.  We were very impressed with how they would give each table enough time to interact with the kids.  Give autographs, take pictures and a hug or two.  I was extremely impressed with the characters here and it was worth every penny.  

  • Earl of Sandwich

    quick and easy on 6/5/2015

    Earl of Sandwich hits the spot.  Its quick and easy to get your food and no reservations are needed.  So if you are looking for a quick bite this hits the spot.  Sandwiches are just the right size and the side dishes are good.  I look forward to eating here when we get to Downtown Disney.  

  • 50's Prime Time Cafe

    always a good time on 6/5/2015

    Everytime I eat here it never gets old.  The food is great.  The service it fun.  The atmosphere is outstanding.  Anything that you get here can not disappoint, it's all home cooking and delicious.  

  • Living With the Land

    a fun educational boat ride on 12/21/2014

    Disney even knows how  to make learnng fun.  You take a boat ride through the lands where crops grow, explaining how and why they grow in certain enviroments.  Then you get to see actual plants growing Disney style along with some friends that live in water.  You can even signup to take a behind the seeds tour for a fee.  Must do.

  • Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

    The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights on 12/10/2014

    I would love to see this eveytime I go to Walt Disney World, but I guess just seeing it during the Christmas season wil have to do.  This show is amazing to music.  You do not know where to look next.  Strolling the street iyou want to dance and guess what you can!  Then is starts to snow and you feel like the magic has happened all over again.  Love this.  

  • Via Napoli

    never disappoints on 12/4/2014

    No trip can be complete without visiting Via Napoli.  We usually go a little over board here because everything is so good.  We start out with appetizers Calamari frutti and the Prosciutto e Melone are favorites.  The pizza no matter how you order it, simply delicious.   We will be back again and again. 

  • Toy Story Pizza Planet

    An oldie but a goodie on 12/3/2014

    It's been a few years since I have eaten here, but when you cannot get a reservation at a table service restaurant this place will do.  Meatball sub was very good and the pizza was good, not at all the greasy mess that pizza can be.  The arcade keeps the kiddos entertained too.

  • Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

    beautiful and big on 12/3/2014

    I have stayed here twice and this place is huge.  You never really know how big the resort is until you take bus around the resort.  Beautiful grounds and the main building makes you feel that you have left the country for a quick trip to Mexico.  Great food court and they even have a bar area to catch sporting events.  When you do stay here request a room near the main building unless you like to walk. 

  • Sacred Valleys & Incan Cities

    excited on 3/20/2014

    Heading to Peru in just a few days and your review has helped me plan for this amazing trip.  I will give a full review of the adventure when I return, but so far by your review it has already started out wonderful. 



  • The Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

    Hidden gem on 10/24/2013

    I think people forget how close this resort is to the Magic Kingdom. Just a short boat ride away. This place is beautiful and closer than you think.

  • Disney's Beach Club Villas

    Best location on property on 10/24/2013

    The best location on property. Steps a away from the back door at EPCOT and a short boat ride or walk to Hollywood Studios.

  • Portobello

    it was just ok on 9/22/2013

    I went in with high hopes but it was just ok.  I would rather have gone to Italy in EPCOT to Via Napoli or Tutto Italia, after we were done.  It could have been just what we ordered was not that spectular and other dishes are more appealing. I was glad we did try it and it was not terrible.  We  had the Beef and Veal Meatballas as an appetizer and a wood burning oven pizza - Dottore (prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella) the crust was more of a pita bread then a crispy crust we were thinking it would be.  So out of 5 I would give it a 3. 

  • Lotus Blossom Cafe

    Always good on 9/22/2013

    If you need a little chinese food, this is the perfect place to get it.  The orange chicken is great.  The place is always moving at a great pace, lots of tables to sit at and the food is good, you can not go wrong. 

  • Starring Rolls Bakery

    Was expecting more on 9/22/2013

    I heard that the best cupcakes are found here.  I am not a huge dessert person but I can try a cupcake or two since I like to make them.  This cupcake was filled with peanut butter so I wasn't too impressed, but it looked good and it was huge.   The cupcake was not bad but it was cold so I was not a fan.  I would not call it the best and I would not call it the worst.   I think you will have to make that decision for yourself.  

  • MouseGear

    best store on property on 8/24/2013

    I LOVE this store.  I think its the best on property.  Almost always has what I am looking for and in the right sizes.  I usually browse through all the stores I can in the parks, Downtown and at the Resorts and then come to EPCOT and buy what I want towards the end of the trip.  I never miss the opportunity to shop here while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.  Going soon and I will be sure to get some shopping on. 

  • Be Our Guest Restaurant

    A must do and see on 7/4/2013

    We were lucky enough to get in here for lunch.  This place is popular so if you can not score a dinner reservation then try lunch.  Get in line early.  The restaurant opens at 11a and there was already quite a line by the time it opened.  We were in line by 11a and seated by 1125a, so not too bad.  The guards inside the castle help make the time go by quickly.  The ordering was an adventure in itself but lots of helpful Castmembers around to help if needed.  The food was good the atmosphere fantastic.  Make sure you look around at the different rooms.  This is a must do and see restaurant.

  • Flame Tree Barbeque

    good eats on 4/23/2013

    I haven't eaten here is a few years, but I need to put this on the itinerary becasue I miss this place.  Good BBQ and a nice view overlooking a river area.  Beware - there are wild birds here looking for food.  So if you have a fear of birds look for another area to sit and eat at.  I have eaten here many times, and I have to say it never disappoints.  Chicken is tender and the ribs fall off the bone.  It's really good for a counter service, and hits the spot for a good meal.  

  • Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter

    Port Orleans French Quarter on 3/29/2013

    The best little moderate resort around.  I love this place.  It's not spread out like the other resorts.  It's quaint and quiet.  The setting along the river is romantic.  This resort is the perfect size.  It has a smaller than normal moderate size food court, but it has some fantastic choices, like beignets, yum!

    You can take a short walk over to the Port Orleans Riverside and you can use the pool over there, this is a rare perk but since they are sister resorts, it's a nice perk to have. 

    There is also boat transportation to Downtown Disney.  It's a nice ride with beautiful scenery. 

    I hope you will try this resort out.  It sometimes gets lost behind the popular Caribbean Beach and the Port Orleans Riverside, but it's a gem that deserves a chance.



  • Corn Dog Castle

    1st Corn Dog on 2/28/2013

    This was my first taste of a corn dog and I thought it would be magical.  I thought wrong.  It wasn't that the corn dog was of poor quality it just was not something I had a taste for.  My Husband also tried it for the first time and he was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it, and mine too.  So for the quality of the corn dog I would have to give it a 4, since my Husband enjoyed them.  But I am not a fan. 


  • The Lucky Fortune Cookery

    perfect amount on 11/29/2012

    This was a great way to have a quick and filling lunch.  I had the chicken rice bowl and it was just right.  The portion was enough to even share if you wanted to.  It was light and tasty.  It didn't weigh you down and you were ready to go exploring when you were done.  A nice counter service. 

  • Sunshine Season Food Fair

    Always end up here on 10/30/2012

    We usually do not plan on eating here, but we end up here maybe more than once on our visits.  It has a nice variety of meals and extras like desserts.  The quality of the food it good and the portions are just right.  We are very happy with whatever choices we get here, and we will return it the future even if it's not in the plans. 

  • The Mara

    Choices on 9/24/2012

    I really liked the variety of choices at that The Mara has to offer.  The different stations gives you a feel of a moderate or a value food court.   They have great soups and desserts here. 

  • 50's Prime Time Cafe

    Family Fun on 5/31/2012

    When you can have a meal with your family, you know you are in for a good time.  So when you meet your new Cousin, you know you are in for a treat or maybe a trick.  Great food and good times to be had for all. 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    Movie follows the ride on 4/29/2012

    I have to give the Walt Disney World version of Pirates of the Caribbean a 4, just due to the fact that I have experienced the Disneyland attraction and it's just a little different and better.  I just finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean , Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest and every time I watch I pick up more and more ride similarities.  I have watched all of the Pirate movies several times and they just keep getting better and better with new things that pop out.  Now I need to experience the attraction a few hundred times so I can find even more fun things to look for in the movies. 

  • Columbia Harbour House

    great eats on 3/31/2012

    A great place for a good counter service: fish, shrimp and chicken are on the menu and don't forget the clam chowder.  No hamburgers or pizza here.  A different change of pace.  I really enjoy this place and come back year after year. 

  • Victoria & Alberts

    Best Anniversary EVER!!!! on 2/21/2012

    I was a little nervous when we decided to try Victoria and Alberts' for our Anniversary dinner.  But being a Walt Disney World junkie, you must step out of your comfort zone and try new things.  And boy was I surprised and glad that I took that step.  It was a dining experience and no review could give it the justice it deserves.  All I can say is that when I saw the choices online I was afraid that I would not like a sinlge thing.  But the choices were wonderful and they were all delicious and this comes from a girl who does McDonalds and Red Lobster and is happy with that.  So to come here and find things I could eat and even tried a few news things, I was so happy and will do it again in the future.  Oh so good.   You must try Victoria and Alberts' to understand the dining experience. It will not disappoint. 

  • Paradiso 37

    crazy corn on 1/19/2012

    I cannot wait to go back and get some crazy corn, it was great!  The atmosphere here was really cool and the view over the water at Downtown Disney.  Will definitely go back here a few times.

  • Via Napoli

    Via Napoli, oh so good!!!! on 10/13/2011

    This place never disappoints.  Everything is bellissimo!  We got an appetizer, Fritto Misto - a little of everything,  an assortment of just-fried seasonal vegetables, calamari & cheese.  We then built a pizza with prosciutto is was perfect.  The spaghetti with veal meatballs, oh my.  I will definately be back. 

  • Boma

    Boma for breakfast on 10/13/2011

    I am not a breakfast person.  Some meat and potatoes are about all I can do.  But for a breakfast person, this place is heaven.  Lots of choices and lots of happiness. 

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